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For people with conditions that causes seizures

Seizure alert dogs are trained to assist people who have epilepsy or other seizure disorders and Disability Assistance Dogs are currently working on a method for training seizure alerting

In the mean time, dogs known as seizure response dogs, can be trained to respond to a seizure once it happens. Some seizure response dogs will go on to predict a seizure (although not all do), giving owners time to place themselves in a safe position and reduce the risk of injuries that can sometimes occur. Some dogs have also demonstrated an untrained ability to predict seizures

If you have epilepsy and have a family

pet dog, please watch him/her to see if their behaviour changes in the period prior to you having a seizure. 

This may indicate that your dog is detecting the seizure before it comes. If so, then you will need to be taught how to get your dog to alert you of an impending seizure.

Please contact us if this is the case, as we may be able to help you to develop your dog's alerting response.

Seizure response dogs can be trained to do the following tasks:

  •  Alert family members or carers

  • Lie next to a person during a seizure to help prevent injury

  • Some dogs can learn to put their body between a seizing individual and the floor to break the fall at the start of a seizure

  • Activate a pre-programmed device e.g. a button that will ring a bell in a neighbour’s house.

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